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“BITTEKHNIKA” LLC was founded in 1996. Through all these years of successful experience we have developed a sustainable manufacturing system of oilfield equipment. 

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The Mechanical Tool for Proppant Plugs Cleanup UMP is used to create impact load (the load directed downwards) during the well cleanup from proppant (proppant crust destruction) after conducting the hydraulic fracturing.


The Mechanical Tool for Proppant Plugs Cleanup consists of a 3-section body, rod, rod end, locking screw and sealing elements.
The body consists of 3 parts connected with special threads. There is a connection thread NKT-73 at the top. The inner surface of the body has hexahedral splines which interact with reciprocal splines on the rod and used for torque transmission. There is a connection thread NKT-73 at the bottom part of the rod, the rod end is placed at the top by special thread. The grooves on outside surface of rod have sealing rings for movable joint “rod-body” sealing. There is also a longitudinal open-ended aperture in the rod for fluid passage.
The Mechanical Tool for Proppant Plugs Cleanup comes assembled, additional preparations are not required. 
Images and Dimensions
Technical data
To cart Code Diameter of passage opening, in OD, in Total length,
Rod free movement, ft Mean life before inspection, shocks Connecting thread Weight, lb
UMP-95 1.89 3.74 4.01 1.72 2000 NKT-73 132.3
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